Strongest Workshop: October 8-9, 2020
Strongest Workshop: October 8-9, 2020
Strongest Workshop: October 8-9, 2020
Strongest Workshop: October 8-9, 2020

Mike Foster

Strongest Workshop: October 8-9, 2020

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Strongest Workshop with Mike Foster 
October 8-9, 2020 : Carlsbad, CA
A Fun Therapy Event

This 2-day workshop will empower you to uncover a renewed sense of strength, joy and focus for your life. Silent that inner critic. Stop the codependent habits. Build healthy boundaries today! No more waiting for permission slips or undermining your impact.

The Strongest Workshop is perfect for individuals in transition or looking to get unstuck. It's for anyone wanting to experience wholeness and want the plan on how to do it. Come discover what 2-days of empowered personal work can help you design the life you've always dreamed of. It’s time to realize how strong you really are. We saved you a seat. You ready?

2-day Event Registration
Lunch & Snacks
VIP Dinner At Mike's House. 
Leadership Pocket Guide

What Past Attendees Are Saying Online:

"An awakening of courage I didn't know I had." --Tessa
"Remarkable! One of the best moments of my life." -- Lara
"Such a phenomenal experience with the most magnificent people." --Casey
"The answer to the prayer I didn't have the words to speak." —Kirsten Nygren-Formea


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