Extraordinary Couples Guided Video Series
Extraordinary Couples Guided Video Series
Extraordinary Couples Guided Video Series

Mike + Jennifer Foster

Extraordinary Couples Guided Video Series

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For dating, engaged and married couples!

The "Extraordinary Couples" Guided Video Series by Mike and Jennifer Foster will teach you the tools to radically improve communication, amplify love and see the best version of your partner in every moment. These 14 "snack size" videos and worksheets are fast-paced and action oriented. No fluff. No wasted time. Just proven strategies based on years of expert research. 

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14 High Definition Videos
14 Action Worksheets PDF Downloads
MP3 Audio Download Of All Sessions
Session Transcripts
BONUS: Date ideas and short readings PDF.

Fast-paced, practical and actionable

01: “How To Use This Course” 
02: “Don’t Work On Your Problems” 
03: “Building Relational Nowness”
04: “The Science Of Hugging”

05: “How To Click Your Partner’s Notifications”
06: “Words That Affirm”
07: “Why Complaining Is Draining”
08: “Understanding Our Emotional Triggers”

09: “Fight Like A Pro”
10: “Identify Your Fight Style”
11: “Hi-Def Listening”
12: “The Power Of One Thing”
13: “Becoming A Dream Couple”
14: “How To Upgrade Your Conversation