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A 14-Part Guided Video Series to Accelerate Your Growth as a Couple

Let's be honest, most couples are willing to put in the work to build a thriving relationship, but relationship books are just too long and often not very fun! The "Extraordinary Couples" Guided Video Series is a fun and easy way to improve communication, create intimacy and build a more satisfying relationship right now! These fast-paced lessons are practical, entertaining and based on the most important keys to a successful relationship.

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Working on your relationship doesn't have to feel like work!

  • 14 Video Lessons

    Fun, fast-paced and practical tools to accelerate growth in your relationship.

  • 14 Action Guides

    Discussion questions and activities to enhance the learning experience.

  • Audio Downloads

    Listen to all the sessions in your car, at work or while you’re at the gym.

Tiny Changes, Extraordinary Results

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Meet Mike Foster

Mike is an author, counselor and host of the wildly popular Fun Therapy podcast. He has appeared on FoxNews, Good Morning America and in the NY Times.

Meet Jennifer Foster

Jennifer is a Registered nurse and mom to 2 teenagers. She is the co-author of the best selling book for couples called “Five Dates.”


What is Extraordinary Couples?

A 14-Part Guided Video Series for dating, engaged or married couples looking to accelerate growth in their relationship now. These fun, snappy and creative video lessons will teach you the tools to communicate and connect like never before. The course is based on decades of expert research, experience and common sense wisdom. Mike and Jennifer Foster’s authentic approach makes them feel like instant friends. You will love the style, speed and accessibility of this e-course built for you and your main squeeze.

What is included?

14 HD videos. 14 Action Guides. MP3 audio downloads of each session. Certificate of Completion. Over 1.5 hours of instruction plus our bonus date ideas snack pack. I don’t think we could have stuffed any more things inside! :)

Who are Mike and Jennifer Foster?

The Fosters are the authors of the best-selling relationship fun-book called, “Five Dates.” They’ve been married for 23 years. Mike is an author, counselor and host of the wildly popular Fun Therapy podcast. His work has been featured in the NY Times and on Good Morning America. Jennifer is a Registered Nurse in San Diego and is involved in international medical mission trips.

What happens after I purchase?

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Do I have to do it now?

Nope! Do it whenever you want and at your own pace. Watch one session a week or binge watch them all at once. You will have lifetime access to the content.

Can I access the course all at once?

Yes sir! You will instantly receive access to all the lessons, downloads and materials.

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